How to sync bookmarks across different browsers

Is there a simple way to sync bookmarks across different browsers, on different devices? Yes. OK, so if you only use Google Chrome on all your devices, syncing is easy. Or just Safari on your iPad, iPhone and Mac; easy again. But mix it up a little and it becomes more problematic. Cross-platform, cross-browser, there … Read more

Mac backup to NAS, USB or Cloud

Mac backup using Time Machine and Cloud backup services The purpose of this article is to give an overview of the kinds of Mac backup solution available. It covers some solutions that backup to a disk, some that can backup across your own network, one that can backup to another computer you own on a different site … Read more

Achieve better printing from web pages

If you want better printing from web pages without all the extra guff (images, adverts, etc.) that gets printed out too, try Printliminator. It allows you to strip a webpage of the items you don’t want before printing out. It installs as an extension in Chrome or Opera (Firefox to come), or if you go to the link above, you can … Read more