Apple Tech Support in South Devon

John Walker, Macwiz

I am John Walker, a freelance IT guy offering personal tech support in South Devon. While mostly giving Apple tech support, I help people use all their various tech devices to achieve their individual, business and creative aims.

Please call me (07525368812) or use the contact form for support. I can help you use your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, not to mention your Windows PC, Linux computer, Chromebook, Android phone, or any other gadget!

My key services

The essential services I offer include the following:

  • Tech Advice – Let’s discuss your technical issue and see how to solve it;
  • Computer Tech Support – Macs, obviously, but I know my Windows, Linux and Chromebooks too;
  • Smartphone or Tablet Tech Support – iPhone, iPad, Android;
  • Computer Training – back-to-work coaching, personal tuition for using your own tech, or your work devices;
  • Email Setup – including Microsoft 365, Gmail, or even an iCloud ‘custom domain’ setup – yes, you can use iCloud to secure your business email!
  • Anti-Virus – Help with prevention or cure. For prevention, I recommend Malwarebytes & Bitdefender
  • Mac Update – Clean up, speed up or update your Mac, get upgrades to the latest macOS systems, even if unsupported by Apple – there’s life in that old iMac or MacBook;
  • New Apple Device Set-up – getting your data from your old device to your new one, and getting it set up right;
  • Data Recovery – restoring lost files and extracting information from corrupted ones;
  • Website Design – WordPress-based websites and hosting;
  • Cloud Backup – cloud-based file hosting and backup for convenient access and security against ransomware.
  • Installation Media – Through my online shop I sell macOS install media so that you can install the latest system on your old Mac yourself.

My Apple tech support for your life and work

I love my Apple devices, and I make good use of many of Apple’s online services. Since 1996, I have been helping people employ these amazing new devices to achieve their goals. I offer assistance setting up any Apple gadget, training in how to use it, and support for its use in your life and work.

My Apple tech support for your business

Did you know Apple devices are also brilliant work tools?

Your Apple tech can play well with non-Apple devices and services. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon all want a piece of your personal life and business. I can help with these technologies and will get your Apple tech integrated and working with them.

My visiting area

I help people via screen sharing as far away from Devon as Singapore! Even if you live nearby, I can still help you with your Mac using screen sharing… think of the advantages; you don’t need to tidy up or even offer me a coffee! But if you need my help in person, I cover an area in South Devon without a call-out charge, based on postcode: EX6 7.., EX6 8.., EX7, TQ1, TQ2, TQ3, TQ12, TQ13 0.., & TQ 14.

Further away, I have to charge a small fee for travel time.