Expert Mac Support and Tuition

At Macwiz we have been giving independent expert Mac support and personal Apple Mac training since 1996. In that time, Apple technology has changed a lot, so we now provide online Mac support to Mac users all around the world, as well as phone support for iPhone and iPad users.

We also assist those using Apple technology in our local area (Oxfordshire, West Berkshire and Central London) with office or home visits for both support and training. ...more 

Expert Mac Support Solutions

We can supply a complete IT solution if you require ongoing support for just one or for several devices, for a home office, or a studio. We can monitor your Macs, keep them backed-up, and connect to them to assist and to train. Yes, we even support Windows PCs, and we can also help you with running Windows software on a Mac. We can assist you in setting up your email, troubleshooting it when it isn’t working, as well as provide you with a more robust, business-class email, with an inbox of up to 125 GB. Here are some of the services we offer:

Mac data recovery

Recovery service for data on a crashed mac disk
All disks, whether Mac or PC, old or brand new, can go wrong – resulting in loss of data. Even new solid state disks with no moving parts. Sometimes this is due to a real hardware fault, but more frequently it is the disk’s filing system that has become un-useable after a crash or a power cut. We have rescued precious photos, important documents, and repaired systems to bring Macs back to working order. We have also partnered up with DiskEng in Oxford, UK, to provide clients with the best possible chance of retrieving lost data from physically damaged disks.

Windows on a Mack, but which way to do it?

Fusion, Parallels, VirtualBox, or Boot Camp? We can help to get it working and if it goes wrong
Believe it or not, getting Windows on a Mac is much easier than it used to be. Because Apple now uses the same computer chips as PC makers, there is a lot more similarity between Apple Macs and Windows PCs, which gets us off to a good start. In fact, you now have some real choices about how you get Windows on a Mac. We are happy to help you do this or assist you if you have run into difficulties.  …more 

mac backup

Mac backup using Time Machine , Carbon Copy Cloner, or Cloud services
Almost nobody actually remembers to backup regularly, even techies. But there are some great solutions that will automatically backup to a variety of locations. Mac users are especially fortunate because Apple’s Time Machine software comes with every new Mac, and it quietly gets on with backing up every hour, as long as it has been set up. But there are other solutions that can be implemented – because Time Machine can go wrong, and because backup disks can be stolen or destroyed just as easily as Macs can.  …more 


If email won’t send, or you can’t receive email. Or if you delete email on your iPhone, but it is still there on your Mac, etc.
All sorts of things can go wrong with email. So we offer email help for Mac users who are having difficulties getting email to sync on their Macs and other Apple devices. Of course it should ‘just work’ but when it doesn’t it can be puzzling and frustrating.   …more 

Contracted Support

Ask about our contracted support so that you can be sure of IT assistance when you need it, and benefit from systems that are monitored and maintained professionally.

Cloud & Hosted Services

Also contact us for Office 365 setup, website design and hosting, as well as Cloud hosting and backup solutions.

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