Upgrade your Virgin Media router for free

Superhub 3

If you have been a Virgin Media customer for a while you can upgrade your Virgin Media router for free. Don’t call them though as you will likely not get to speak to an operator that knows you can do this. Instead, apply online here: https://www.virginmedia.com/shop/hub-swap?buspart=uk_app_connect2_hubswap. If you log in to your Virgin account you won’t find this link in your list of upgrade options either. But the offer is genuine.

The page will ask you to sign-in to Virgin Media and will then check that you are eligible, ie. do you have an older hub model? If your present hub looks like one of these, then you should be eligible:

Superhub 1 and 2

I have been with Virgin Media for over 10 years and on the whole, the experience has been good. (We now only use them for broadband having gone over to FreeSat for TV). If you are getting tired of being on a BT line then you might give Virgin Media a try.