Tech Tuition – get to grips with technology, upskill for back-to-work

Has understanding your technology has been just beyond your grasp for too long? Do you want to gain an understanding of how it all knits together? Perhaps you are going back to work after some years away and you want to get back up to speed with the latest tech. You need some tech tuition. Let me be your technology trainer for a while.

  • I can cover the online and cloud services commonly used, and how to access them on your devices.
  • I can help you understand where your data is, whether it is secure, and how to make sure it is safe from physical and virtual threat.
  • See how your devices connect with each other and with your information.
  • Learn how to get at your data, whether email, files, contacts, photos or music using whichever phone, tablet or computer you want.
  • Let technology improve your life, helping you to learn a language, produce art or music, or improve your writing and increase your knowledge of the world. It can help you get fit and can even help you sleep better!