Personal technology assistance – have your own IT department

Ever wish you had an IT department of your own that could sort out niggling technology issues or help you set up a new device correctly? That’s what I am here for; your own IT department giving you personal technology assistance.

If you let me, I will get to know the technology you use, how it can work for you, and how you would like to use it. That way you have informed technical assistance that knows you, your needs, as well as your tech. Much better than ringing a support line and getting technical support that really doesn’t know a thing about you.

  • I can help you to get your tech right and to keep it running smoothly!
  • I am not just here for when things might go wrong; I can give personal tuition and guide you to better ways of working with your tech.
  • I can make suggestions about what will be compatible and what will work well with the technology you already own.
  • And if you do get in a real technical tangle, I can sort it out for you!