Onsite Mac support for help with Macs at home or the office

We have two areas where we operate call-outs for onsite Mac support. One in the South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire area, the other in Central London. See the Maps!

It is always possible to go into your nearest Apple Store with your Mac to get advice and training, but it might be preferable to have an expert come to your home or office instead to give onsite Mac support. Though we cannot promise to be able to fix all problems onsite, the majority of problems are fixable, and we will always check with you before a visit to assess what needs you and your Mac have, and how they may be best met. We can also, with your permission, connect to your Mac first to see whether a visit is necessary. Many problems can be fixed via an online connection.

Onsite Mac Support in South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire

This is our home patch. We give Mac support to homes and businesses throughout this area.

The area in Blue, we have no call-out fee, so you just pay for our time onsite.

The area in Green, we do have an onsite Mac support call-out fee of £40.

We also actually travel well beyond the green area, but for that we drop the call-out fee and have to charge our hourly rate for travel £30, plus mileage at 50p/mile.

Onsite Mac Support in Central London

We travel into London regularly, and basically if you and your Mac is somewhere easily reached via the Underground, then we hope you will call.

The area in Orange, in Central London we have an onsite Mac support call-out fee of £80.

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