Mac Support Pricing

We have several Mac support pricing options to help you get consistent support at a reasonable price. Regular customers get preferential response times and proactive support to minimise any Mac problems.

What sort of Mac support do you need?

We provide the traditional on-site help as well as telephone support, remote desktop connections and diagnostic services. Though each customer is always different, the key areas in which we work include:

  • Mac, PC, server and peripheral systems implementation, support and repair
  • Mac and iPad tuition
  • Mobile device setup
  • File and data rescue from failed Mac and PC systems
  • Firewalls and intrusion protection
  • Anti-Virus and anti-malware
  • Web content filtering and control
  • Web hosting, cloud file hosting and backup
  • Disaster recovery assessment
  • Email and Office 365 setup

These are the sort of services that we aim to include in any fixed-price support arrangement, (see below).

Costs of our Mac support

We try to be flexible about the costs of the support we offer, and our pricing therefore takes various forms:
 Ad-hoc, per-incident, PAYG support;
 Retained support;
 Fxed-price options;
 Periodic billing

Our ad-hoc customers obviously just pay per incident (see our current pricing on this page) We can bill .

Retained support
Our preferred long-term support option is for a retainer charge to be made to receive our preferential service status. This charge includes a period of support with any subsequent additional time at a lower rate.

Fixed-price support
Alternatively, with small businesses, we may annually assess comprehensive support requirements and negotiate a monthly fee that hopefully covers all needs that may arise (not including travel, replacements or parts).

Periodic billing
Finally, we also offer to keep a running tab and bill quarterly or six-monthly rather than per incident, as long as the overall tab stays under an agreed amount.

For more details, please get in touch.