mac email help

Apple Mac email help

I offer Mac email help for those who are having difficulties setting up email or getting it to sync on their Macs and other Apple devices. Of course it should ‘just work’ but when it doesn’t it can be puzzling and frustrating. 

internet accounts setup
Adding some internet accounts should be easy.

The Mac email setup process, makes global services such as Google or Yahoo easy to add to your Mac with a just few clicks. You just need your email address and the right password. There is a list of some of the messaging services your Mac knows how to set up in the Internet Accounts preference pane in System Preferences. There is a similar list in the iPad/iPhone Settings app. The Mac can have a good stab at some services that are not even in this list if you have to select “Add Other Account…” at the bottom of the list.

But a lot of other services may require you to know more of the messaging server’s details. This can make for confusion and errors. I also find that online instructions about how and where to fill-in these details tend to be tailored for Windows PC users, meaning more guesswork is involved. So, if you are running into difficulties with your email setup for Mac, iPhone or iPad, please call. Even if your email service is not one of the usual companies, I can assist you with email setup and troubleshooting.

And you may be trying to set up the email for your own ‘domain’ – that is, email that came with your own website. Or you may have bought it specifically so that your email has your own name, or that of your business or organisation. If so, I can help!

Using Gmail to collect your mail

gmail iconBy the way, if you are using your own domain email, you may have found that the space available for it on your provider’s server is so small that you have had to use Google’s gmail to collect and send it. This utilises the 15 GB of free online storage space that comes with a free gmail account, as well as Google’s spam filtering. But using Google to collect your email from elsewhere can be another complication that, if it goes wrong, prevents you from getting or sending your mail on your Mac. I can check this out and get it working again. 

If you are finding that your domain email storage really is limited, I can help you set up Gmail so that you leverage its greater capacity. It is also useful if you have lots of different email addresses (if you are that sort of busy person) but would benefit from having them all collected centrally so that you only have to set up one account on your devices to access and respond to all your emails.

Hosted Exchange

microsoft exchange iconIf you are running a business, and looking for a robust solution for your mail, I can supply you with hosted Exchange email that will give you up to 125 GB of email storage per email address. From £5.00 per email address per month, starting with a 50 GB inbox.

Once I have configured this for you at your domain registrar (where you bought your domain), all you will need on any Apple device to set up your email is your address and password, the rest will happen automatically.