Email set-up assistance – Mac Mail, Gmail & Outlook set-up

Email set-up assistance

I give email set-up assistance for all email apps and services, including Mail on Mac and iPhone/iPad, Outlook on any device, Gmail and webmail of any kind.

Getting your email to sync across your devices can be more challenging than it ought to be. Emails that you have read on one device that do not appear to have been read when viewed on another. Sent emails that you know you sent not appearing in the Sent box. Multiple drafts of the same emails that loiter in your Drafts folder, even after the finished email has been sent… Well, contact me if any of that is familiar!

Need a bigger Inbox?

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Google’s Gmail comes with 15 GB of free capacity. This is very useful if you have bought a domain for your website, yet find that the email storage it comes with is too limited. I can set-up Gmail to collect these emails, releasing the burden from your website domain, and it can be configured to send emails via your domain, using your email address instead of the Gmail one.

Gmail is also useful if you have lots of different email addresses. You can collect these emails centrally, giving you only one account to set-up on your devices in order to access and respond to all your emails. I can help you with that too.

Hosted Exchange

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If you are running a business and looking for a really robust solution for your mail, I can supply you with hosted Exchange email. You can have up to 125 GB of email storage per email address. From £7.00 per email address per month, starting with a 50 GB inbox.