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.Apple ID problems

I offer help with Apple ID problems. Apple services become more and more integrated with Mac, iPad or iPhones with every system upgrade. And if something is amiss it can be frustrating!

Contact me if you would like help with Apple ID problems or set-up for personal, family or business use. I am not associated with Apple, and I have no special relationship with them. I give support in the capacity of an informed IT consultant. If you want official Apple help, try

While it is irritating that you have to have an account for just about everything these days, some accounts are more important than others. If you have an Apple device, then being sure of your Apple ID, and where it is used, must be one of the most important things to know.

Apple IDs and ‘Family Sharing’

Apple have introduced Family Sharing so that apps and media only need to be bought once to be available to all members of the family. Well, all that is, if your family has no more than six members. I imagine they have some typical American family in mind.

If you are having problems with Family Sharing, Apple have a snag list here. I would love to help, of course.

Apple IDs and business

Apple’s nomenclature, using the word ‘family’ as much as they do, may indicate how they see their products and services, vis-a-vis Microsoft for whom ‘office’ is the crucial term. But, while business PCs may be cheap, there follow all the costs of licensing for applications, especially ‘Office’. Microsoft have a confusing array of different licensing options for their software and services, and seem to spin out editions of Office, Windows, etc merely for the sake of making more and more money. Small businesses that use Apple Macs, may have steep initial hardware costs, but can buy Apple software once, for all their Macs, via a single Apple ID.

Bigger businesses or organisations may benefit from enrolling in Apple’s Mobile Device Management program or Volume Purchase Program, and so be able to manage many Macs (and other Apple devices), configuring what runs on them, what they can connect to, etc., all without reference to the Apple IDs of their users. So management of the device can be independent of users’ personal data. I can also recommend and assist with the use of Jamf for the same purpose.

Apple device management using Bushel
Manage many Apple devices for your business or organisation via Jamf.