Solid State Drive Fitting Service


SSD hard drive fitting service
Includes Windows 10 or macOS system installation to your new SSD, with software updates and the transfer of your data from the previous disk.

Does not include parts
SSD hard drive is extra. The precise disk type and capacity will need to be discussed. It can be sourced by me if required.

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Why you might want to install a Solid-State Disk 

The move from spinning magnetic disk to solid-state disk (SSD) is the main reason the latest laptops are faster than their predecessors of only a few years ago. With no moving parts, they are faster, lighter, more robust, and more energy-efficient than a traditional spinning disk. So, if you are not quite ready to fork out for the latest shiny laptop or PC, consider my SSD fitting service to bring your old PC or laptop bang up-to-date.

What I will do

I will advise about what disk to buy for your model of PC or laptop, and optionally purchase it on your behalf*. I will fit it in your PC or laptop**. As part of the installation, I will install a new system on it and transfer your data from the old disk. Alternatively, I may clone your system to the new SSD.

Information I will need

I will need the make and model number of your computer. This will allow me to research if an SSD can be fitted and what kind of SSD will work best.

Things to remember

This SSD fitting service requires booking in advance and arranged access to your computer for at least 24 hours. 

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*Purchased items remain my property until any outstanding invoice is paid in full. If you are VAT registered it will be cheaper for you to buy the SSD yourself. FYI 🙂

**Some PCs and Macs cannot have SSDs installed. I will advise and refund you my Solid State Drive Fitting Service cost if this turns out to be the case. Before you buy an SSD, please consult me if an SSD can be installed in your computer model.