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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email set-up

Set-up of Microsoft hosted exchange email for your business domain, each email address with a mailbox capacity up to 250 GB and a quota of up to 100 MB per attachment!

The set-up price is per mailbox address.

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The Email subscription is £8.99/mailbox/month.

Why you would benefit from 250 GB hosted exchange email

Exchange email has set the standard for business mail with its security, simple configuration for the user, and integration of contacts and calendaring.

I have partnered with Giacom to offer you a massive 250 GB per mailbox. Your email is stored in the UK, not on US servers, and is served from 4 locations for speed and robustness. With a maximum attachment size of 100 MB, this email should satisfy the most demanding users.

What I will do

I will set up this email to use your business domain and supply the means for each user to securely set and reset their password. I can help with moving email from previous providers should this be necessary.

Information I will need

I will need to be able to access the DNS settings of your business domain or be able to instruct someone who has that access. If you have a website, that someone is usually your web designer.

Things to remember

There will be about a 12-48 hour hiatus for email as your email hosting is transferred to Giacom’s hosting. I will make sure as many emails as possible are caught and delivered to the new hosting. This depends somewhat on your present hosting. It is, therefore, best to start the transfer during a quiet period – a weekend perhaps.

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