Windows Upgrade Service


A Windows upgrade service to take your PC from Win7 or 8 to Win10, preserving your data and applications.

With full pre-upgrade checks for compatibility, I will make sure your PC can run Windows 10, making the upgrade as smooth as possible and I include a post-install update of all drivers and available software.

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Why you might need my help

Windows 7 is no longer receiving security updates from Microsoft. You should upgrade any computer running Windows 7 to Windows 10 as soon as possible, or replace it by one running Windows 10. Even if you have Windows 8, the writing is on the wall.

If you want to get a new computer, I can help you with transferring your data and with the new computer set-up. But if you choose to keep your old computer and only upgrade its system I can help you avoid the pitfalls that a system upgrade can incur.

What I will do

Before upgrading your PC to Windows 10, I will check for compatibility, making sure your computer can run Windows 10 and that your applications will be compatible as well. I will create a full backup as a precaution and to possibly restore Windows 7 if you find Windows 10 is not for you. I will apply all available driver and software updates after the installation.

Information I will need

I will ask you to check the make and model of the PC you are using and look for any serial number or service tag. I’ll also help you retrieve information about the PC’s memory and hard disk capacity and type.

Things to remember

This service requires booking in advance and arranged access to your PC for at least 24 hours. After you have purchased the service, don’t forget to book.

You may require a license for Windows 10. Most PCs actually upgrade to Windows 10 without one, adopting the manufacturer’s license. But if a Windows 10 licence is required, I can usually supply at below the retail price.

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