New PC or Mac set-up Service


New PC set-up service/New Mac set-up service
Get off to a good start by setting up your new PC or Mac properly. This service includes the optional transfer of data from your previous device, set-up of email or cloud accounts and transfer of browser settings. Updates available since the device left the factory can be applied.

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Why you need your new PC or Mac set-up right

You have bought a PC or Mac that promises to be fast and full of potential. It will do everything, apparently.

But first, there is the setting-up to do, not least getting it connected to the internet. Start it up and get it on board with Microsoft or Apple and then acquaint it with your other online accounts. Load your data onto it (your files, photos, emails and music) and install the apps that you want to use. Connect it to your printer. Discover there is a slew of updates for your supposedly new system that demand installing.

What I will do

Having done this many times before I will help you through the process as efficiently as possible. If you have data on a previous computer, I will help you transfer it to the new one. I will work through the various set-up tasks to get your new computer onside.

If we find you don’t know all your passwords and details, I can guide you through the hoops to reset or retrieve these. I will make sure that by the end of this process, you will be sure of where your data is and how to access it on your new device.

As part of the service, I will install updates and remove unwanted bloatware. If the new computer is running Windows 10, I will make sure Windows is tamed so that it works for you, not Microsoft. If you have a Microsoft 365 account, I will install and activate Microsoft Office on PC or Mac. Otherwise, LibreOffice is a good alternative, and I will configure it to be compatible with Microsoft Office files.

Optional extras

And having done all this, we should safeguard your new computer with appropriate measures. Please ask me about good antivirus, whether for PC or Mac, as well as backup alternatives.

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