Mac OS Upgrade Service


Safely upgrade Mac OS X or macOS to the most recent version your Mac can handle.

With full pre-upgrade checks for compatibility, I will also check you can restore your previous system if the upgrade is not as beneficial as Apple might suggest 😉

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Why you might need my help

It should be easy to upgrade Mac OS X or macOS to the latest version. But actually, there are pitfalls. If there is a problem with your Mac’s file system the upgrade may fail. Or your Mac might not work with the very latest macOS – which is all that’s available on Apple’s Mac AppStore, making it very easy to miss the boat! Even if your Mac does support the latest macOS, some of the apps you use might not be so lucky. Fortunately, I can help with your upgrade, so that your Mac will be as updated as it can be!

What I will do

This service will upgrade macOS to the most recent system that your Mac can run, checking your system first to be sure it will not run into trouble. I will check which apps may not work before diving in. I will make sure it is possible to turn back the clock and restore the earlier system if you find the latest version is not for you*.

Information I will need

Before you upgrade macOS, check what system your Mac is running now. To do this, go to the Apple menu at the top left of your screen and choose About this Mac. Please make a note of this and also the Mac serial number you will find there.

Things to remember

This service requires booking in advance and arranged access to your Mac for at least 24 hours.

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*Turning back the clock is only possible via a TimeMachine backup. If you haven’t got one, I can create one. I will check your backup will work for restoring the previous system before upgrading to the new system.