Computer Data Rescue Service


My Data Rescue service is for anyone with a broken computer that has data on it with no backup. It is also for anyone who has deleted files by mistake.

The service is offered on a no-fix, no-fee basis, with the caveat that you should not expect to be able to restore 100% of your data and that files and folders may not be organised in their original order or naming.

There is usually a good chance data rescue will succeed as long as the disk is not physically damaged.

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Why you might need my help

Data is seldom deleted in one swoop. Usually, deletion means a computer just forgets where it put the file being deleted, and what it was called. The file data then gets eroded away by ongoing user activity. Because of this, my data rescue will avoid adding any file or app to the disk that might overwrite the hidden data that needs restoring.

What I will do

I will clone the disk to preserve its integrity and then rescue your data to alternative storage. I can do filesystem repairs on a disk if requested, but I would prefer to restore data to a new disk* or to an online account.

If I can’t help

If the disk itself is physically damaged my data rescue will not succeed and I will point you to forensic services that are better equipped. These services can be expensive and will probably not offer a no-fix no-fee approach.

If the disk has continued to be used after the original incident took place the chances of success are also reduced. This is because parts of the missing data may have been overwritten by new information, as explained above, even if the disk is physically fine.

Things to remember

Filenames, folder structures, and creation dates can be irretrievable because when files are erased or become corrupted, these key attributes are discarded. Therefore, while most of the rescued contents will be intact, the information that enabled its easy finding and filing will be missing. This means the rescued data may require quite a lot of post-rescue cataloguing on your part. If the data rescue finds precious photos or important documents, it will be worth the effort!

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*I can restore to another disk you own, or I can purchase one for you at an additional cost. Purchased items remain my property until any outstanding invoice is paid in full. If you are VAT registered it will be cheaper for you to buy the new disk yourself. FYI 🙂