Computer Tuition – PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone


Computer tuition and guidance, with ongoing bitesize help, if you require it, to assist you to become proficient with computers and mobile devices. Learn to be independent and competent in using these tools at home and at work. My computer training is geared to adult beginners or those at a more intermediate level.

Price is per hour, pro-rata to the nearest 10 minutes.

Please choose which sort of training you would prefer

A) I can assist you in person at your home or work.  Check I cover your area
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B) I also give computer tuition via phone and online connection* wherever you are.
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*While it is possible to give online tuition to help you with a tablet or smartphone, I would prefer to help in person if possible.

Why you might want my computer tuition

To become proficient with computers and mobile devices – try my computer tuition and guidance. Whatever your age, it is never too late to start to learn this valuable skill set for today’s increasingly online world. I aim to help you gain greater independence through technology, not despite it! Work on developing your competency online and on deepening your understanding of these new tools to take advantage of the opportunities they bring.

What I will do

I give computer training for adult beginners or those at a more intermediate level. I can help you learn how to use a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet of any kind. 

My tuition can help you grasp the basics of the system you are using on your device, how to understand its notifications and respond to its sometimes alarming alerts. We will work on your device so you can start fulfilling your own personal and vocational objectives.

We can discuss the things you want to learn in advance. Though I have firm ideas about how to be computer literate, I will be guided by your immediate requirements, especially if a work situation requires it.

And apart from actual lessons, I am happy to respond to calls and emails to give you bitesize help online as and when you need it.