Computer Backup set-up Service


Set-up service for comprehensive computer backup to local backup disk and online backup. Be confident that you have protected your data and can restore it quickly.

The price of the backup set-up service is per computer, whether you choose local backup, online backup, or both.

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There may be additional costs:
A yearly subscription (£60/year) is required for the online backup and its management.
The local backup will require the purchase of a backup disk if you do not already have one.

Why you might need my help

Apparently, a lot of people never get around to backing up their data, and those that do backup still fail to do so regularly. My aim is to:

  • Set you up with backup that you do not need to worry about maintaining;
  • Protect your files so they can be easily restored;
  • Mitigate any kind of disaster that could occur to your computer or its data.

You can restore your data directly from this secure online storage. If large amounts of data are being restored, you can request it to be posted on disk. If your computer files have been locked by ransomware, unencrypted versions of your files can be restored without ransom.

You may already have local backups of your files on disks. But it is a good plan to have an online backup that does not depend on particular devices and is not exposed to attacks on your computer. 

What I will do

Enable backup to a local disk and/or backup to online backup storage. If you choose a local backup I will direct you to free and low maintenance backup solutions and install and configure them.

If you choose online backup I will manage your account and routinely check that it is continuing to back up. I will set it up on your PC or Mac.

  • The online backup comes with unlimited backup storage capacity per computer;
  • It is able to restore deleted files for up to 1 year after deletion;
  • And it can restore previous versions of files for up to 1 year after upload.

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