Ad-hoc PAYG tech support pricing

I give ad-hoc assistance online and onsite. My hourly rates are:

Normal hourly support rate: £60
Emergency support rate: £70

Retained tech support pricing with discounted rate

Clients who wish to pay a retainer benefit from discounted rates, background computer monitoring, as well as my committed support 😉

A monthly retainer fee of £10, charged quarterly in advance.
Discounted hourly rate: £40
Proactive computer monitoring and easy remote support connections.

Fixed-price support procedures

Some procedures are available at a fixed price, also mostly discounted for retained clients.

Device setup and maintenance

PC or Laptop Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade: £150 or discounted £120
Includes data transfer from previous disk and system updates.
Does not include parts.

Upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10: £90 or discounted £70
Does not include a Windows 10 license, available if required, usually at below retail price.

Upgrade from earlier Mac OS X or macOS: £90 or discounted £70
Upgrade to the latest, or to recent versions no longer directly available on the App Store, depending on compatibility.

Data rescue from damaged computer or disk: £90 or discounted £70
A fee is only charged if a reasonable amount of data is rescued.

Password reset to access Mac or PC: £60 or discounted £40
Note: this will not work if the hard drive is encrypted or the PC is on a domain.

Setup of new PC or Mac: £90 or discounted £70
Available updates applied, bloatware removed, email and online accounts setup.

Setup and maintenance of services

Setup any online backup for PC or Mac, per device: £60 or discounted £40
Online backup service managed by us @ £70/year per PC, Mac or Server.

Setup hosted exchange email per user: £30 or discounted £20
Email hosting £6.50/user/month, with 50-125 GB inbox – no more running out of space in your inbox!

Travel costs

All mobile visits within my area do not incur a call-out or travel fee. For details about my patch, the areas I cover and information about charges for longer distances, click here.