Ad-hoc, PAYG tech support pricing

I give ad-hoc assistance online and onsite. My hourly rates are:

Normal hourly online rate: £40
Normal hourly onsite rate: £60

Emergency online support rate: £50
Emergency onsite support rate: £70

Retained tech support options with discounted rate

Clients who wish to pay a retainer benefit from discounted rates as well as my committed support:

A monthly fee of £20, or a quarterly fee of £50.
This buys (monthly) the first 1 hour or (quarterly) first 3 hours, and then all subsequent hours are discounted to 2/3 their normal respective hourly rates.

Travel costs

All mobile visits within my patch do not incur a call-out or travel fee. For details about my patch, the areas I cover, and information about charges for longer distances click here.