Live On-Screen Support for Mobile Devices (Android and Apple)

remote support for smartphones and tablets
On-screen support for mobile devices.

I can now offer live on-screen support for mobile devices such as Android or Apple iOS phones and tablets. I can assist you wherever you are via an app which allows me to view your screen in order to help you.

Using the app, I can follow what happens when you try to use your device and see immediately what you ought to be doing. It is then easy to take you through the steps necessary to get it working correctly.

On-screen support should be more convenient for you than going to a shop for help. And it is cheaper than arranging a support visit at your home or office. It is certainly much better for me than trying to fix a problem over the phone relying on your powers of description or my ability to visualise what you describe!

You are always in control. Literally. From a security point of view, you can terminate the session at any time and I cannot restore it without your help. Even with the session up and running I have no actual control over the device, it will be all down to you doing the tapping and swiping.

Bitesize iPhone tuition – Or Bitesize Android tuition, if that’s what you use!

On-screen support is not just for when things go wrong. It is an ideal tuition tool for personal training too. It can help you learn how to use your phone or tablet more effectively.

So there is no need to go into a mobile phone shop or Apple Store to get your training: just book a tuition session and I can help you wherever you are.

And it doesn’t have to be a marathon session: it can be a quick 15 minute bitesize lesson to guide you or refresh your memory about how to do things on your device.

As mentioned above, the app only gives me the ability to see your screen; I cannot control your device. This is actually ideal for training because your screen dexterity will be being trained, not mine, and the temptation for me to take over is completely removed.

Install the app first!

The ZOHO app that makes this on-screen support magic work is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

ZOHO Assist: download from Apple app store
Requires at least iOS 11
ZOHO Assist: get it on Google Play
Requires at least Android 5.0

ZOHO will require a fairly up-to-date device, though definitely not the latest. If you need to check:

iPhone/iPad: Tap Settings, choose General, then About. Look for Version

Android phone/tablet: Find Settings app, scroll to the bottom, choose System, then About phone (or tablet). Look for Android version

Book me!

So, to book a session please go to my booking page and select ‘Online Smartphone or Tablet support’. Or call me on the number on this page.

Even if you don’t need this kind of support, you might know someone who does. If you know someone who is regularly getting stuck or expressing frustration when their phone doesn’t respond as expected, please let them know that they can get assistance from me.