Android: Google Maps is slow – other apps stop working – What to do?

Google MacsSo, what do you do if Google Maps is slow on your Android phone? And perhaps while you use it you get an annoying message in the middle of your screen telling you that such-and-such an app has stopped responding which prevents you from seeing the map directions! You can’t touch your screen while driving to dismiss the message, obviously. And the stalling app may not even be one you are using.

Google Maps is slow, what to do:

Go into Settings > Apps > Maps, and uninstall any updates. You won’t be able to remove it as it comes preinstalled on Android. But you will be able to remove any updates to it that are causing your phone to misbehave. This restores the app to the factory installed version. It does not mean your directions and maps will be out-of-date. That is a separate thing.

If you have automatic updates turned on, then you need to turn it off for Maps. Otherwise it will automatically re-update. Go to Play Store, tap search and look for ‘maps’ and find Maps in the list. It will now have an ‘update’ label, by the way, ignore this. Tap on the Maps entry in the list of apps, and then in the next screen tap the 3 dots menu towards the top right, and un-tick ‘Enable auto-update’.

From now on, during the update cycle it will ask permission to update. You will need to remember to choose Skip, unless you are feeling brave about the features in the latest update.

Now it is a fact that most of the advice about software and your phone is indeed to keep it up-to-date. In fact, even with Maps, if it is misbehaving, a solution might be to make sure that there isn’t an update for it that fixes the problem. But new software can test a phone, can contain bugs, and sometimes may not work with other apps. So this is a case where I have found downgrading to actually be a good solution, at least for now.

Auto Optimizer app
Auto Optimizer app

Also think about your phone’s memory

One of the reasons why Google Maps is slow and can cause other apps to crash is because it is a memory-hog. So keeping the phone memory clear of unnecessary processes will also help. I use Auto Optimizer (no, I am not being paid to promote this). It closes background apps and keeps me updated about how much memory is clear on my phone. I have tried many optimisation apps on Android phones over the years, hated most of them, but this one is a keeper.