Mac repair

mac repairMac repair for all kinds of mac

Old and new, desktop or laptop mac repair. We’ve seen most of the problems that require repair, whether the mac has beed dropped, the screen broken, or liquid has been spilt over it.

However, we are not reaching for our screwdrivers just yet… Though macs do sometimes go wrong and need mac repair, the cause is not always obvious. A cracked screen, spilled coffee, a dvd stuck in its slot – the problem is clear. But other times the cause can be more elusive even though the effect is just as disruptive.

Online mac supportIf your mac is working enough for you to get on the internet, we can help diagnose what’s wrong before you need to do anything else.

If the problem is software rather than hardware, we can even fix it over the internet and a mac repair is avoided. Follow this link: online support, if you would like to try this. Otherwise, use the form below.

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