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Mac back-up

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Just a quick post to plead with Mac users to back-up their stuff. Windows users seem to know they have to back up their stuff, but Mac users are lulled into a false sense of security by their Macs, especially if they have had years of trouble-free use. But I just came across another iMac with a disk that had suddenly become unuseable. Years of precious photos gone. I tried every disk utility I could find but no joy. This is sad and unnecessary because with TimeMachine* and a USB hard disk it is 2 clicks for hourly back-ups forever. How to here:

There are those unwilling to back up their whole Mac, who perhaps just want backups of their pictures or music, etc. These could just be put on a few USB keys for instance. To save copying the whole lot manually each time there are utilities that will keep two folders in sync. My favourite is the free software Silverkeeper by Lacie. After setting source folder on your Mac, and the destination folder on your USB key, the back-up is a one click process. You can have many different back-ups configured and they can be scheduled – so you don’t have to click anything. The utility also offers on start-up to back up your whole Mac, or just your user folder, but this can be bypassed.

And if actually remembering to connect your USB disk to your Mac is to difficult – or perhaps plain inconvenient – there is the (rather expensive) TimeCapsule by Apple which will accept TimeMachine backups wirelessly over your wifi network. How to again here: You can configure a cheaper wireless “NAS” box to do the same thing, but check support for TimeMachine first, and don’t expect help from Apple.

Persuading people to back-up is a bit like selling them a pension – they know it is important but they put it off. But Apple have at least made it easy, so please do set this up today.

*To use TimeMachine users of older Macs need to upgrade to OS X 10.5 Leopard, or OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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Mac back-up

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