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Backup and restore your Mac

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Backup and restore your Mac (length 0:02:45, source:
Automatic back-up and restore of your Mac and your files with TimeMachine. Time Machine is a back-up technology introduced to the Mac with OS X 10.5 Leopard. Earlier versions did not have this facility.

Time Machine

Can backup your whole Mac

Setup Time Machine

Wireless backup via Time Capsule

Restoring lost files

Finding lost files anywhere on your Time Machine backup

Restore your data to a new Mac

Full wireless backup and restore can take a long while. The video does not explain how to exclude something from the backup. If you want to exclude items, open Time Machine Preferences either from within System Preferences, or from the Time Machine menu at the top of your screen. There you see an options button. Click it, and any folder or volume you add in the window that follows will be excluded from the back-up.

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Backup and restore your Mac

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